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5 Things That...

A Veronica Mars Fanfiction Challenge

A Veronica Mars Fanfiction Challenge
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All Members , Moderated
Welcome to the Veronica Mars "5 Things That..." Challenge Community!


- Each challenge will center around a certain character, place, or event from the Veronica Mars universe, although there will be a few more general challenges thrown in occasionally.

- All sumbitted fics must follow the traditional "5 Things" format. That is, they must consist of 5 seperate vignettes or ficlets about whatever the subject of the challenge is.

- Submitteds fics must be at least 1000 words total.

- Anyone can enter any of the challenges, all you have to do is join the community to gain posting access.

- We ask that any writer's who sumbit fics please add one of our banners to their user info. We're not going to hunt you down and check on you, but it's a great way to spead the word and make sure we all have lots of great fic to read!


- At the end of each challenge, all submitted fics will be entered in the Readers' Choice polls. There will also be an award for Judges' Choice.

- Readers' Choice polls will consist of the following categorys:
- Most Original
- Best Characterization
- Best Use of Point of View
- Best Dialogue
- Best Drama
- Best Comedy

- You don't have to sumbit a fic to the challenge to vote.

- Please don't vote for yourself, all self votes will be thrown out.

Posting Guidelines:

- Subject line: "Title" - author name (rating)
(Ex: "5 Things That Never Happened in Logan's Pool" - Me (G))

- Body of Post:
Word Count:

- Please post the actual fic behind a LJ cut.

- Cross-posted fics and off-site links/fake cuts are allowed.

- If you cross-post a fic written for this community to another community, please be sure to link back to this community in the post.

We welcome suggestions, so if you have any ideas for the community or for future challenges, please feel free to leave them in a comment to this post. We would love to hear what you think!

Above all: Have fun! Be creative!