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Pretty Little Dirty - plasticeneposes (R)

Title: Pretty Little Dirty
Author: plasticeneposes
Characters: Lamb, Madison, Dick, Mac
Rating: R
Words: 3867

Notes: Just to clarify, the parties used are: Lamb's barbeque, as mentioned in "Credit Where Credit is Due"; Madison's birthday party from "Silence of the Lamb"; the graduation party at the Neptune Grand from "Not Pictured"; Dick's New Year's party, as mentioned in "Versatile Toppings"; and the Alterna-Prom from "Look Who's Stalking". So obviously, there are spoilers for all of these episodes, as well as "The Rapes of Graff".

( If there's one thing Madison Sinclair despises, it's being told what to do. )
Tags: plasticeneposes, round three
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